Redbox machine owners pretty tight-lipped about their franchise costs and income

One thing I’m noticing as I seek out more information about owning a Redbox franchise is just how tight-lipped some of the current owners or renters or franchisers or whatever you want to call them are about how they got the machines in their locations — and just how much Redbox pays them or splits with them for the monies brought in from said DVD kiosks.

I have a Google Alert set up on the term “Redbox franchise” — and that’s how I was led to one forum posting by a guy asking, “Anybody own know anyone who owns a Redbox franchise?”

One guy replied a simple “yes” and that’s all. If I find that entry again, I may try and hunt him down and ask questions. I thought about asking questions of the manager of my local Giant Eagle store that has a popular Red Box machine outside of it — but I’d probably feel more comfortable asking the local beauty supply owner about it, when and if he gets a Redbox outside of his popular hair weave supply store.

Anyhoo, I was searching around through the database of questions on Redbox’s website again to see if they’ve added any new information about owning a Redbox machine — anything more substantial outside of the email requirements that they ask potential owners to send them. (See the “How to Own Your Own Redbox” link above for that info.)

But alas, the only thing I found out new was that people can only enjoy Redbox franchises inside the US:

“Does Redbox have franchise opportunities outside of the United States?” asked the website.

No, came the answer: “Sorry, but redbox currently doesn’t operate outside of the U.S. and Puerto Rico.”

And about the business owners who want a Redbox at their store, Redbox says “click here” but the link isn’t functional.

I’m a retailer. How can I get a Redbox kiosk installed in my store?

Before a Redbox kiosk is installed, an analysis of a location’s suitability needs to be done. Click here [but they don’t have their “here” linked, so I guess people must go to for answers] to submit a request for review.

And finally, the same old elusive question that people are asking over and over again:

Who can I contact if I’d like to discuss business opportunities with Redbox?

Please use the Redbox Ask a Question form if you’ve got any marketing or business ideas you’d like to share. We’d love to hear them!

So the main deal I’m wondering is: Are people still getting new Redbox franchise machines installed in their places of business each day?

I’ve read over 33,000 machines have been installed.

I guess as average everyday citizens, if we noticed new Redbox machines being installed in cities and neighborhoods around us, then that’s our answer.

Have you seen a new Redbox machine pop up at a store near you in the past year?

As for me, I’ve noticed the same main Redbox machines we have outside our Giant Eagle grocery stores, but haven’t noticed too many new ones. What about you?

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  1. Is this a profitable business? There is nothing (that I can find at least) that states if taking the time to basically find real estate for this machine will be profitable in the end…time is money. I have a few wonderful locations in mind in Austin that haven’t been tapped yet!

  2. Whats the cost of a redbox .

  3. Interested in Red Box on my location, please call me @ 903-245-4687.

  4. I am interested in program hosting the RED BOX

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