How to Buy a Redbox Machine

Since you have made it to our site, I’m assuming you are looking for information on how to buy a Redbox machine and what it costs.  There isn’t a lot of information available as I’ll explain more in a bit.

Many people are interested in starting a Redbox DVD rental business as this company has exploded over the years.  Redbox was initially started with funding from McDonalds to place 11 kiosks in 2002.  McDonalds eventually sold the business to Coinstar in 2009 after passing 800,000 rentals and later became Outerwall.  Redbox has since grown to over 50% of the physical DVD market with over 48,000 machines which has really changed the dynamics of the movie rental market with notable Blockbuster and Hollywood Video filing for bankruptcy protection along with many mom and pop stores going out of business.  With Redbox’s aggressive pricing of what is now $1.20, advanced technology allowing customers to reserve their movies from their phones and much lower overhead than a physical location, many entrepreneurs want to buy a Redbox machine and make their fortunes.

While there is a lot of excitement for Redbox kiosks the unfortunate answer is that you can’t currently purchase a kiosk from them.  If you are a location such as grocery store, pharmacy, retailer, convenience store or fast food restaurant, you can apply to have a unit at your location.  The company will review your location and see if there is enough demand for them to place a unit there.  You as the property owner, will receive revenue through the rental of space.

The steps to get a Redbox are as follows:

1. Contact Redbox (Click Contact Us on the company’s website and send a message or call 866-733-2693. You can also email on and Redbox will send you an application to fill out

2. The application will ask you for your name, email address, state,zip code, location type, average daily traffic or business transactions, and location description. Add this information to the application form and return it.

3. A response from Redbox could take some weeks as they receive many applications each day so be patient.

4. Keep information on traffic numbers and and sales handy as Redbox will ask for those details to analyze your location.

While Redbox has a majority share that doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity to get in on the DVD kiosk rental bandwagon.  Other companies such as DVDNow offer franchise opportunities to make money.  As it is complex to get licensing deals with the movie houses, finding someone to help get access to inventory is critical to your success.  There is currently a lot of opportunity in the smaller rural markets for DVD kiosks as Redbox focuses on the larger areas of the U.S. which means potential opportunity for entrepreneurs to get in before they do, as the smaller markets will not be likely to support multiple machines and still be profitable.  If you are considering this route, be sure to have the abillity to place several machines since each machine only makes a little profit as we discovered with our research found here.

While the company has produced impressive results, you won’t be able to buy a Redbox machine but there are alternatives through leasing them space or owning a franchise from a different company.


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  1. Would love to own a franchise in soldotna alaska

  2. I would like information about owning a redbox rental unit

  3. We would love more information about putting a redbox in our hometown and maintaining it.

  4. I have a location in San Barnardino, ca and I would like to buy or rent a red box for this high traffic location. Please help with any information.
    Thank you

  5. zenobia davenport

    I am interested in getting information about franchise in a redbox please contact me at 661 916 6219 thank you

  6. We do not have a website. The location we would like to set up a redbox machine has a Carwash and a some mini storage units.

  7. Interested in owning my own business

  8. I live off of instate in eastern Iowa the location is a truck stop seem it’s always full if truckers ..over night and through out the day and would like to buy a redbox for there and 6 miles up the road are 2 more truck stop and would at some time do two the also….so please send me an email to let me K ow how to pursue this Avenue. Thank you Dale Retzlaff

  9. Interested in franchise cost and startup cost for redbox

  10. hi, can you bring a redbox at copper st in fresno ca 93730 at the rite aid pharmacy store……thx pascale

  11. Would like to purchase franchise

  12. Hi we have a fitness club on a very hot corner in down town
    we would like to put a redbox on the side of the business.We
    know it will do very well you can just drive up theres a lot of parking
    so if you could please send us a ap to this address please.The address
    is NunesEnterprises 802 California ave Dos Palos ca 93620 ou contact
    number is 209-917-9019 thanks

  13. I live in a rapidly gentrifying – actually, the gentrification may be complete – neighborhood in Queens, NY. We have eleven high rise luxury buildings with two more slated to open next spring. (Each building houses about 2,500 residents.) Currently, our nearest RedBox is in Times Square. Though it is a snap to get there, nobody wants to mess with the tourists. I will contact RedBox next week to see about buying in to the company. However, if the opportunity isn’t available right now, I hope that someone else in NYC will read this and take advantage of the market in Long Island City.

  14. Hey I’m interested in buying this red box for a strip mall location. Would love a redbox sign too if possible. Contact me for details because my city is filled with potential opportunities of them. Or i know of a few stores. But red box we really should get indicator signs on the road

  15. I live in Central Alberta and have used the Red box and love love it ….. I am very interested in buying into the franchise!!! my cell phone number is 403-318-5871

  16. Numerous Franchise Locations Threw Out Pa…All Great Traffic And Off Major Highways…

  17. Hello everyone, Has anybody from the postings above actually bought into red box? If so how are you doing? Email me and let me know please. I am only 28 years old and I am in Prayer about this business opportunity, but I dont want to get in over my head.

  18. Need a red box at family dollar in chireno tx and martinsville tx. It’s a 20 minute drive to go to a town to rent a video or game. Please look into this.

  19. Very interested in Red Box franchise in northern ontario Canada.
    Can you please email me with some info
    Thank you

  20. I am interested in the machines, but to be placed internationally, maybe be able to buy the software and the machines (need to be able to build for myself or maybe buy from your manufacturer. This would be a great opporunity for developing countries.

    Please send me details on the cost for this and if it can be done.

    Thank you,

  21. So… you have a website based entirely on how to do something, that you can’t actually do? What I miss?

  22. I’d like to know more about buying a redbox machaine for our local store . Thank you Stephanie pyles

  23. Very interested live in a growing community Earlham iowa no place to rent within 10 miles! Talked to a lot of people said that it would be amazing to have one in town

  24. Interested in Redbox

  25. Looking to get a kiosk for our pizza shop, Please contact us.

  26. Jordan Henderson

    I am looking for better information to possibly place a Redbox unit on the university campus in my nearby city. Can you please email me with more info.
    Thank you

  27. Wow, did anyone who posted on this thread read any instructions? Stop you can not own a redbox…. There are complete instructions above, if any of you are business owners and replied you do not need on a business then because you cab not comprehend.

  28. im interested in redbox franchise in my area could you please email me info how to do so.. thank you

  29. Looking to purchase/setup redbox kiosk in busy location with people traveling through consistently. Most people at location drive an extra 20 minutes to nearest Redbox.

  30. I would like to get one for my store.

  31. Redbox, just recently moved back uptown New Orleans from Ft.Walton beach area
    The boxes are everywhere there but none in our hot little community. Loyola and Tulane are some biggies. Need to inquire on franchise please. Got the location and the money.

  32. I’m also interested in a redbox franchise. But, the thing that sets me apart from the others here that have commented is very simple…. I obviously can read, since I took the time to read the info on this and a couple other “redbox” pages, now I know Redbox doesn’t offer a franchise…. Wow, I swear people never stop amazing me with their lack of dedication to anything & their “want” for everything handed to them without the “desire” to do anything for it… Seriously, IF most of the people who’s comments I took the time to read, actually had enough true “desire” to own a Redbox franchise, or anything for that matter. And had read ANY of the very small amount of information on these pages. They would’ve realized posting the comment they did, wasn’t going to get them what they was looking for. It was just going to make them look like the, quick, impatient, I don’t wanna do anything for it, just “give me give me give me”, IDIOTS that they have very clearly let the world know they are… SMH

  33. I am interested in leasing a redbox machine as a income for myself. Please give me info.

  34. Would love to start a Redbox business

  35. If you don’t mind send me the info about put a redbox in I live in a small town and the closest redbox is about 20 miles and Ina Walmart we drove 50 miles on Christmas just to rent a movie

  36. You people seem to not be the brightest folks! I swear! It clearly states in the article that you can NOT buy a red box machine and NO franchise is available! LMAO! Come on people read and for those that think your message suggesting where to put one in your town is going to be heard by anybody at red box I’m here to fill you in! It won’t not in this comment section! Thank you all very much for my daily dose of entertainment!

  37. I know a great location with more than 100,000 worth in foot traffic daily, with great visibility. Please get in touch with me.

  38. I would be interested in leasing a redbox kiosk as a supplemental income for myself. Could you email me the information?

  39. So if franchises are not for sale and machines can’t be purchased, isn’t that technically a monopoly? Especially when it’s the majority percentage of video rentals.

  40. I’m interested in opportunities with red box. Please send me more information about this.

  41. Hey was just wondering how do I get started on owning a Redbox machine

  42. Interested in owning a Red Box

  43. I’m interested in buying a redbox and placing it in Jacksonville, Florida. Do anyone know of any good areas close to Middleburg that needs a redbox?

  44. I would like information on purchasing a RedBox or leasing one.

  45. I’m looking to being apart of the red box franchise can you please forward me some detail information about it please. Thanks

  46. Can you please forward me information on starting up cost for a redbox franchise

  47. Wish someone could get a franchise at Aransas Pass/Rockport Tx at intersection of Tx Hwy 35 Business & TX Hwy 188. There are 2 new businesses here in this growing residential/resort area: a Dollar General and Buck’s Phillips 66 gas grocery and deli. It’s 5 miles south or 8 miles north to the nearest kiosks.

  48. PEOPLE. Redbox does not franchise. I work for them as an employee merchandizing the boxes. It is a very complicated business. The company has to make deals with every movie compnay to get their movies at a certain time and negotiate costs. I am talking use multimillion dollar contracts with each movie house. Besides the logistics of it all and maintenance of just the kiosks. They are a great company to work for and pay and benefits are way above what one might think.

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