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How Much Does a Redbox Franchise Startup Cost

By now you have probably noticed the familiar red kiosks that are in almost 50,000 locations in the U.S. and wondering how much does a Redbox franchise startup cost.  DVD kiosk rentals are booming and Redbox is clearly the leader in the industry with over 50% of the physical DVD rental market.  There is clearly an opportunity and while many other types of businesses like McDonalds, Subway and many others franchise their business model.  The DVD kiosk rental business is simply brilliant because the machine does the work, you have a low-overhead and low-hassle business.   A business like this one could even keep their full-time job as the only task that is needed is stocking the machines and check their operation to make sure they are operating correctly, which is pretty simple since it is connected to the internet and the diagnostics are just an app away.

Many people are searching for ways to make extra income on the side and the Redbox model is easy for people to understand as almost everyone I know has used one and they are super simple to use.   While Redbox is the most noticeable player in the industry and would be the best choice to franchise from since they are so well known,  Redbox does not offer opportunities to franchise, rather they offer landowners of high-traffic locations rental income for these kiosks.

While getting a Redbox unit placed is extremely difficult, one might assume there are alternative franchise opportunities.  There was one such business named DVDNow.  They offered a franchise start-up cost of around $25,000 for the kiosk and starting inventory. Unfortunately, they are no longer in business due to the strength of the Redbox franchise startup cost, there are alternatives for people who see an opportunity in their area to get in on the DVD rental bandwagon.

Keep in mind when looking at a DVD kiosk opportunity that you aren’t looking at it like you would a gumball machine.  You can’t just fill up the DVD kiosk and expect to make money.  Keeping the inventory at the correct levels in imperative.  How many of the new releases do you put in the machine?  Remember there is a limited amount of space in the machine and if you buy too many DVDs and they don’t rent, you don’t make money.  Many of the kiosk opportunity companies make it sound like you will make easy money but there is a lot of planning that is required as 20-30 movies come out every week.  The other issue you may find in this business is that you don’t get to talk to your customers to find out what they want to buy.  You will be guessing when you start and if rentals are low you will NEVER know the reasons why.

Problems will arise, people will steal movies, discs do get scratched, the software could crash. How are you going to handle these issues?  Make sure if you are looking at other opportunities to ask these questions and find out how much of your time you will really be putting in.  My guess is that it will be more than you expect.  So if you are basing a business or investment decision on the Redbox franchise startup cost, or DVDNow or any other company because Redbox makes billions in revenue consider this.  Redbox has a huge head start and is very well known.  People trust Redbox.  Do they trust these other no-name machines?  Also, Redbox has almost 50,000 units so they have huge economies of scale that you don’t have.  Before you base your decison on the fact that Redbox does so well is going to be misleading your decision since their results can’t be compared to what you can do.


  1. My company, Viewbox Holdings, LLC is looking for investment and growth opportunities with an established company. Please send franchise information to 4471 Dean Martin Dr. Unit 706 Las Vegas, NV 89103. Thank you.

  2. Please send me the free course on getting a red box application. Thank you.

  3. I am an investor looking to invest in a franchise like the red box DVD kiosk. Please send me more information on how to start, cost, revenue etc..I would really appreciate it thank you.

    • You’re not a very smart person to try to start a franchise if you don’t even know the nature of the website you’re on.

    • If you could mail any info to me that would be great po box 631 Newpory WA 99156. We do not have any were here to rent movies out here ynless wr drive 60-70 miles, I think it would be a big hit here in the two snall towns out here.Thank you Ken Schimmels.

    • I would like to know how much it cost to own a Redbox

  4. I own Chantilly Place Salon&Boutique in Bronson Fl. We do not have any movie rental businesses in Bronson. I am interested in having a redbox at my location. 310 Main Ave Bronson Fl. 32621 Please advise.

    Terri Cheston
    352 256 9487

    • Will u be willing to partner up on the Redbox machine. That will sit nicely in the front of your salon and is matainence free worry free.

    • I was thinking about Bronson too! Funny I just found your post on here! Did they ever respond to your request?

  5. i would like to put a red box at my strip mall. In fulton il their town has no video store.

  6. Please send information about owning a franchise

  7. I want to own a redbox

  8. Would to invest in redbox

  9. What do I need to do get started

  10. Is any locations in south Georgia available for Redbox franchisee?


  12. Robert L Bledsoe 3rd

    I want to own a Redbox, I want purchase price as well as finance options. I live in the UT Knoxville area and there is one Redbox in the immediate vicinity. I see major potential but I do not have the funds to purchase one outright.

  13. Interested in Owning a Franchise !

  14. Hello, I would like more information on how to get a Redbox franchise started.

  15. My fiancée and I are very interested in owning a franchise!

  16. What do I need to get started?

  17. I am interested in purchasing a Redbox kiosk for the local 7-11 here in the Gateway community of Fort Myers. Gateway is a large community that doesn’t allow grocery stores, drug stores or other retail establishments other than hair salons and mom and pop stores. We have one 7-11 in the whole area of Gateway and that 7-11 is the busiest I have ever seen as it is the only gas station in the Gateway Community of Fort Myers.

    “Gateway median real estate price is $379,208, which is more expensive than 91.7% of the neighborhoods in Florida and 84.7% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

    The average rental price in Gateway is currently $1,641, based on NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis. The average rental cost in this neighborhood is higher than 88.0% of the neighborhoods in Florida.

    Gateway is a suburban neighborhood (based on population density) located in Fort Myers, Florida.

    Gateway real estate is primarily made up of medium sized (three or four bedroom) to small (studio to two bedroom) single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments. Most of the residential real estate is owner occupied. Many of the residences in the Gateway neighborhood are newer, built in 2000 or more recently. A number of residences were also built between 1970 and 1999.

    The neighbors in the Gateway neighborhood in Fort Myers are wealthy, making it among the 15% highest income neighborhoods in America. NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis reveals that this neighborhood has a higher income than 85.4% of the neighborhoods in America. In addition, 2.4% of the children seventeen and under living in this neighborhood are living below the federal poverty line, which is a lower rate of childhood poverty than is found in 83.8% of America’s neighborhoods. ”

    “Population in 2010: 8,401. Population change since 2000: +185.5%

    Males: 3,916 (46.6%)
    Females: 4,485 (53.4%)

    Median resident age: 39.4 years
    Florida median age: 40.3 years

    Zip codes: 33913.

    Estimated median household income in 2012: $83,726 (it was $78,705 in 2000)

    Estimated per capita income in 2012: $34,910

    More info on this area is available at:

    The closest Redbox kiosk is five miles away from Gateway. Please provide the information I need to start up a local Redbox in my area.


    Daniel DeJoy

    • What does all that information have to do with you inquiring about a red box kiosk,
      I’m clueless or did I miss something please explain LMAO excuse me lol????????????

  18. all info involved with franchise ownership

  19. I would like to own a redbox in edmonton alberta, Canada. In a prime location how could i get started ?

  20. Very interested, please contact me.

  21. Please send me information on Redbox!

  22. I would like to get more information on owning a redbox franchise

  23. I am interested in having a machine in front of my Tanning would I go about it and how much money would I need to start with?

  24. 2 words. Reading comprehension.

    That is all.

    • Exactly! Read the article again people!

      • I’ve had the exact same thought as I read these other comments. Here is the gist of it people, Redbox will put a kiosk in front of a business that is owned by you and they manage the upkeep and you get a percentage of sales! The average person cannot buy a kiosk and start reaping the benefits from it. Only Redbox owns them! THEY DO NOT HAVE FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES! Geez if you can’t read and understand a short passage, how do you expect to run such a business in the first place. What it said is you could purchase a different brand of DVD kiosk rental machines however they aren’t as well known and it is harder than you think to keep up with stocking, software, general upkeep of the kiosk and dvds and therefore harder to make money than you realize. I hope this has help some of you understand more clearly what Redbox does and does not have to offer.

      • Exactly ppl they left the website address at the bottom for you to get more information about the red box kiosk if you were interested in investing in one duuh????????????

    • Ha! Ha! Just what crossed my mind. Everyone asking the same dumb question and making the same dumb request, without reading the article. Damn.

      And the funny one are the ones asking for info to be sent to their addresses!

  25. Good morning
    I am interested in obtaining a franchise RED BOX to Panama.
    How could contact you for more information?
    Yours Truly
    Alejandra Faria

  26. Coinstar owns redbox. If u invest

  27. I would like more information on this opportunity.

  28. I’m interested in the opportunity.

  29. Very interested in owning or investing in a Redbox Kiosk. Could you please inform me on the steps to get involved.

  30. i need 2check red,box out

  31. Connie Mazurkiewicz

    I am interested in putting one in Marietta, Ohio..,.a booming college town! Or near a diner for “dinner & a movie”.

  32. I would like information about getting a red box on my campus. I believe it will be a great asset to the university as well as the students. Please contact me ASAP.

  33. We would love more information on ownership of a Redbox Franchise.

    • I live in Kodak,tenn. we have a food city with no video store around. We have to travel 5 miles to get movie need of a redbox here. Very busy grocery store. They took out the video store about 3 months ago. Please send me information about how I would get a redbox in this area.

  34. Teresa Keck-Grauberger

    Please send me information on what is involved. We are in a recreational lake area that really needs this!
    Eufaula OK

  35. We live in a small rural community that has no rental service . Some people drive 30 to get movies around here.Please send information on starting one in our town.

  36. I would like more information on how to purchase a Redbox Kiosk. Startup cost?
    Thank You,
    Charles Higgins

  37. Ansen Beverly-Davis

    I would information for franchise opportunity

  38. I filled out an application for red box kiosks, havent heard anything yet. Is there a certain time frame before i get any sort of reply or did i miss a piece of the puzzle while filling out an application.

    very interested in in getting a kiosks in a busy town, outside of a gas station, fast food and dry cleaners.

  39. Needing info on starting up two redbox locations near my home and near my work

  40. Most of you clearly did not read the article at all. The dude said Redbox is not franchising so why are you asking over and over about that???

  41. I am interested in a red box kiosk franchise.. We have a corner convient store that is either the last gas station when you leave our city or the first gas station when you enter our city. There is not a redbox iosk located on the south side of our city. Please send information. Thank you, Vicki mccormack. 3972 Mediterranean ln. Lake havasu city, az.

  42. Michelle Anderson

    I would like information on purchasing a Redbox franchise. Thank you

  43. Me and my fiance are looking into your company please send me info on start up fee and more info about how to get started.

  44. I’m very interested and I would like to hear more about owning a Red Box.

  45. Please send me information about getting a redbox n franchise opportunity. Please advise of the steps and total cost.

  46. Hey I’m a young college student. (Business Major) and I am interested in how to be apart of the redbox franchise.

  47. I am very interested……..

  48. Robert chapman

    Please send me the information on financing and owning a Redbox Francise. I really want to own my business.

  49. Robert Drawhorn

    I would like more information on owning a redbox franchise in or around the outlying Cincinnati area.

  50. Hey i have filled out online application and called your contact service numbers. Please send me info on getting a red box in my store. Thank you

  51. Our boosters is Interested in a red box kiosk at our high school .

  52. Please send me details on owning a red box machine.

  53. Stephan Epperly

    I’m looking to find out more information into a Redbox Kiosk. Please contact me when you have a chance. Thank You.

  54. I would like to own a redbox please contact me ASAP

  55. I would like to have a redbox in front of my store

  56. I would love to know how to purchase a redbox in my area.Desperately needs one.

  57. I am interested in the ownership of a Redbox Franchise and would like to be sent more information, please.

  58. I would like to speak to someone about getting a redbox placed the shopping center where I own a store.

  59. Did anyone read the article. You can’t own a franchise lol

  60. I would like to get more information on owning a red box…

  61. There is no Red box in my area and I would love to bring it here. How do I do that?

  62. We would love more information on ownership of a Redbox Franchise

  63. I am interested in a franchise. Please contact me

  64. Please send information about a Redbox Franchise. Bay Minette, AL

  65. Hi please send me information about the startup cost for a Redbox machine as I am interested in being a franchisee.

  66. I own a electronics and cellular phone store in Houston, TX. I would like to receive more information about owning a redbox franchise, i would like to place the redbox box in front of my store, i have a lot of foot and traffic in the store and around the shopping center.
    Contact number: 2106830017
    Current address: 8700 Long point rd, Houston, TX 77055

  67. I am from jacksonville FL looking to buy or invest in a Redbox and finance options as well I need more information Email. Jandvautosales@gmail

  68. Not sure if this is acceptable here or not but figured I would offer assistance. Apologies in advance if necessary.

    I’m in need of your Redbox Kiosks!
    If you find you don’t have the time to put into the behind the scenes aspect or the procuring portion and appreciate reliable assistance please contact me for details.

    Kristina Vayo

  69. What do I need to get started?

  70. Please email me about more information to acquire a franchise for Redbox. Please email me. I have more questions. Thank you

  71. Hello I would like more information on investing in a red box

  72. I love how everyone wants the author to send them information on starting the business???????????? WOW

  73. We are a bail bond agency and would like a Red Box outside of our location, if you can please contact me at your earliest convenience

  74. Paragraph 3 or find moreiinformation on red their is NO franchise or start up fee ,you pay for kiosk and DVDs etc, HE said it ALL in the article ppl read over again slowly ,and more carefully!!!!!

  75. Send me information thanks

  76. Wtf?????? I counted maybe six people that actually read the article and came to the conclusion that RedBox does not franchise!!!!!! Even if they did franchise why would you not request the info directly from their website?? Everyone here that requested info on owning a RedBox shouldn’t be allowed to own a business or franchise as you cannot read or comprehend a single sentence that says and I quote “RedBox does not allow opportunities to franchise”!!

  77. Send more info please.

  78. I am interested in these kiosks. We live in a rather small tow And one of the boxes are at an out of they way grocery store when there could easily one next to a higher traffic area, right between a hair salon and a liquor store and you have to drive right by the same every day as they are in the middle of town and has good parking.

  79. Thanks to everyone for your interest on owning a Redbox franchise! A Redbox machine will be parachuted onto your location any day now. Yup, that’s how it works…you just leave a post on this site (without actually reading any of it) and *POOF* you’re a proud franchise owner!!

  80. hey…. like …. i wanna put a redbox in my house man….. that would be so cool….. i could get up in the morning and rent a movie from myself…. uh yea… that’s the ticket! I’m way smarter than most of these posters… hell yea!! lol

  81. I would like information and cost about opening a Redbox

  82. I lol’ed mighty hard at these comments.

  83. Jose carrasquillo

    I would like some more information about Redbox franchise please contact me

  84. I am interested in finding out more about purchashing a redbox franchise. Please send all info., startup cost etc. Thank you, Bonnie Adams

  85. Looking for more logistics on the red box franchise opportunity.

  86. HI Iooking for how much the start up cost is?

  87. I would like to start if Red box . I have a few locations that will do really well. Please send me an Info .

  88. send me some info i have some gold mind spots in mind

  89. Can you send me the information on Redbox to put in a store…Thanks!

  90. Hello I would like to obtain all the information details and cost figures needed to operate a Redbox. Can’t wait to hear back from you thanks in advance Ron.

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