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Where are all the Redbox machine owners?

I research from time to time many terms like “Redbox franchise” and “I own a Redbox” and “my Redbox machine” and “I got a Redbox” in order to try and turn up the owners who’ve already been through the application process for a Redbox DVD kiosk machine and have been approved — or even those who’ve been denied — in order to find out more about the seemingly secretive process.

I call it secretive, because there doesn’t seem to be a set published criteria on the web for minimum requirements for getting one of these machines outside of stores, especially smaller stores that may not have as much traffic as larger convenience stores and grocery stores.

My plan is to ask an owner of a smaller store who currently has a Redbox machine what exactly did they have to provide during the interviewing process in order to get approved. I’ll be you they’ll want to see income numbers for the past several years, and they’ll want to know a lot about your store’s name, location and additional sales and expense data.

Most of my searches for more information thus far have only turned up people blogging about their local Redbox machine in terms of being a customer, not in terms of owning one. And although Redbox is not reportedly a franchise, it would help if more owners spoke out about how they got a Redbox at their location, what their annual sales figures are like and how long it took to get the DVD kiosk. Also, it would really help if they disclosed what kind of an income split deal that Redbox-owner Coinstar provides the owners who allow the machines on their property.

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