How Do I Start a Redbox Franchise?

Like many people who have visited this site you also may be asking how do I start a Redbox franchise?   Many people have been to our site looking for information because they see a great profit-making opportunity in their community, but the answer is that currently, individuals cannot start a Redbox franchise.  The only way to have a Redbox kiosk is that you have a high traffic location and the company may choose to lease space from you.  High traffic Redbox locations are reportedly at 15,000 people passing by per day, but there are instances of McDonalds, Walgreens and CVS stores in rural locations that had considerably less traffic.

For those that don’t know, Redbox works like other vending machines that dispense soda, candy, and other things but instead, it rents DVDs and games.  Redbox is the most visible company in the industry as their large red boxes are very noticeable but they also have over 50 percent of the DVD rental market.  Redbox prices are very competitive with movies at $1.20 over a 24 hour period.  You can return the movie to any other Redbox unit, which is very convenient for people traveling.

If you own a retail location with lots of foot traffic like a grocery store or convenience store and would like to try a Redbox DVD machine you will need to fill out an application online and they will analyze your spot to see if there is sufficient profit potential to place the unit there.  The upper end of revenue a store owner can expect is $500 monthly for really high traffic locations after electricity and internet connection.

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To start the application process click the link on the Redbox partner page and begin the process of discussing your location with the company and see if your location has sufficient traffic.

There are other opportunities other than Redbox for owning a DVD kiosk through other companies if you are interested in capitalizing on the DVD kiosk rental opportunity.  Renting DVDs from kiosks have been a popular and convenient way to rent movies since 2001.  Many locations have been tested since then but high traffic locations with retail foot traffic have been the most profitable.

There are considerable risks in starting a dvd kiosk rental business as you may be competing with Redbox directly and their brand name, low prices, and technology are going to be hard to beat.  In addition, there is considerable logistics to consider such as getting the licensing from movie distributors to rent the movies, the technology to dispense movies, and collect payment from customers and rotating the inventory.   Another concern is after making this investment, whether people will continue renting movies from kiosks instead of downloading in their home.

While you can’t start a Redbox franchise directly, you do have the opportunity of generating income by renting space if you have a high-traffic location or by going with one of the competing DVD kiosk franchise opportunities.

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  1. We are located in sumiton, al in country village there is about 15 different businesses in the shopping center ours is the only one that faves the road and would love to have a red box at our location Thanks

  2. I’m interesting to buy a redbox please contact me with more information.

  3. Christine Barnes

    Interested in a franchise opportunity with Redbox. Please contact me at 352-745-1700.

    Thanks so much

    • How you doing?I’m from America but I currently reside in Europe and thru my personal redbox experiences and living here now I’m defiantly convinced it would be a gold rush if owning a couple here were possible can you help me with obtaining that information I highly appreciate it

  4. Hello, I’m very serious about owning a redbox.. the location where I would love to have it at is located right by a busy intersection, by a new growing community. .it’s a few redbox In town but not near my area..

  5. brandon hursey

    I want to buy a red box how do I buy one

  6. Interested in renting space for a red box kiosk.

  7. I would like to have a red box at my gas station on 5055 English ave Indianapolis Indiana 46201 I think it would bring u and I great business, because I have a lot of people who walk around here and that don’t drive please let me know asap thanks.

  8. I’m interested in leasing a machine

  9. I’m interested in a red box franchise

  10. Apartment Community just off of Eastern Mi university.

  11. I would like information on red box machine.

  12. I would like to know more about franchising a redbox machine.

    Thank You

  13. i like to have red box in my gas station,it’s on US 1 hwy near cocoa beach,I get max traffic by foot because of neighborhood & also traffic of I-95 interstate,so please send me an information how to get redbox,thanks regards

  14. How do you make any profit of the kiosk cost 25,000 and your profits are only 500 after costs.

  15. We are interested in expanding the company as a red box location. We are located in Bowman, nd right near the oil boom. We have two communities within 45 miles that have done great with the red box. PleAse email or call 701-206-0401.

    Thank you,
    Marisa humbracht

  16. I am interested in having several Red Box kiosk in Mexico.

  17. I am Very interested in having several Red Box kiosks in Mexico.

  18. Currently there is not a redbox in Orbisonia, PA. We all have to drive to Mount Union, PA and we need one at the Martin’s General Store and/or the Sandy Ridge Market. How would I go about leasing space in a high traffic location. Thanks!!

  19. Interested in getting redbox in my store .

  20. I would like more information on the franchise as I would like to start in the business. Thank you.

  21. Send me more information on how to be a part of RedBox Franchise.

  22. I am interesting red box at my friendsville market super store with gas station. We do not have any other location to get dvd . So I like to red box at my location

    108 endsly quarry ln
    Friendsville, ten , 37737

  23. Winshon jackson

    How much does it cost to start a red box franchise?

  24. I’ve asked a local store/gas station on if they have ever considered getting a Red Box rental machine. He just got back to me and said you were not interested in his location. I figured before saying no you would of tried the location. We have to go the extra miles to rent one from a Walgreens and a Rite Aide. I thi k you should give his store a chance. They have been in buisness for 40+ years I believe. Could you check into the location again or contact Mr. Reilly
    Reilly’s Dairy, 9553 Pinnacle Rd, Sauquoit New York 13456

    Thank you!
    Rebecca Taylor

  25. i own a exxon gas station in hendersonville tn 25 miles for nashville tn
    Is a prime loction big naborhood lots of apartment behind the store.

  26. i want to own a red box were can i speak to someone or to guide me in the right path to suceed in getting one of these redbox movie

  27. Our town needs a red box. We have a high traffic area. Around 1500 house holds . Please contact some of the businesses about putting a red box in the area. Thanks

  28. i have all residential foot traffic and very busy street .love to have a red box here .

  29. I have a Gulf Gas station with conv store ,its next to CVS in Storrs, Mansfield CT ,Ucon 25000 students ,607 middle turnpike Mansfield ,CT 06268 phone # 860-429-0500.

  30. This is ONLY a article passing on info, it’s not a way to find out more info or ask any questions. It’s only INFORMATION … jeezzz!

  31. Own small strip mall in town of. 3000 pop with traffic count around 5500 no video rental within 25 miles interested in red box franchise information. Troy Lukasiewicz StPaul ne

  32. hello I am interested to open redbox , in mexico, I believe it will be a great opportunity thank you

  33. Looking on starting doing this business if I can get government free grant money, think be a great places around the small towns around here.

  34. I would love to see a redbox at the CVS in Tatnuck Sq Worcester Ma. It is an extremely busy plaza and intersection. It is the only CVS in Worcester that doesn’t have one. I have to drive nukes to the nearest redbox. Thank you.

  35. That’s really a bad way to do business. Zero franchise opportunities and no local presence. Then to top it all off they want you to contact them and fill out an application for a machine at YOUR business? Imagine this logic applied to the regular vending industry.

  36. Hello, I would like to rent space at my Ice Machine location, where I have steady traffic 24 hours a day, and located on main street Lake Butler Fl 32054. My Ice Machine, located at the parking area of a trail walk, is also with in walking distance of nearly every one in town and several apartment complexes for people who do not own a car. Please return a reply, Richard Luke

  37. I am interested in opening a Red Box. I would like more information on this Business.
    Kind regards,

    Nancy Rumsey

  38. Hi!! I would like to get more information an how to start a red box business. Thank you

  39. hi I am interested in opening a red box .I would like more information on this business. kind regards.

    I even my own shop in 3 places in mumbai

    for Contack 9867000515

    Ali raza shaikh

  40. I live in a small town of only about 650 population and other very close by towns, within 8mi. and 11 mi. away and they both have about the same amount of people, and there is a lot of traffic through our small town, and i’am very interested in getting a redbox here.

  41. Catrinia Littleton

    I would like to see if it would be possible to put a Redbox at the new McDonald’s location in Stuttgart, AR. When it was rebuilt, the Redbox was never replaced. The only Redbox location that I’m aware of is at Wal-mart. Stuttgart has a population of over 8000 people. Thanks!!!


    I would like more information on the franchise as I would like to start in the business. Thank you.

  43. I own a tanning salon in a very busy shopping center located in Urbana, Maryland. The shopping center is currently slated to add 15 more shops and restaurants. Currently there is only one location that has a Redbox and that is Giant Food. They are located on the other end of the shopping center at the other entrance. Because of the amount of foot traffic in the area my salon is located, I know a Redbox would do very well. Urbana is an extremely large community and is adding more homes, schools, and businesses. This will add more foot traffic in this shopping center and a Redbox would only succeed in this location.

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