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Redbox DVD machine application link and information: Even small stores are getting new Redbox DVD machines

Here is a photo below that I snapped of my local Giant Eagle grocery store chain’s GetGo gas station’s new Redbox DVD machine.


There’s another new Redbox DVD machine I noticed in front of a small convenience store in a place in “The Valley” in Ohio, as we call it, that’s not even a store that has a ton of traffic — I mean, it’s no Walgreens or CVS or something like that, with tons of customers.

That proves that Redbox DVD machines are still growing by leaps and bounds.

So if you want to apply for your own Redbox DVD machine, the best way to do so would be to follow these steps:

#1 – Visit in order to contact the customer service folks at Redbox directly

#2 – Choose the “Connect Now” link to chat live with a service representative from Redbox

#3 – Be prepared to give them an email address so they can contact you

#4 – Provide them with all the data they may require, such as your business name, address, phone number, customer levels, etc.

#5 – Thoroughly and correct prepare any of the required paperwork they send you, including a contract agreement, which will tell you that your store needs to transact a specified number of DVDs each month in order to remain active and to keep the Redbox system at your location.

#6 – Include the payment form that Redbox requires in order to buy the machine for your store.

#7 – Check your email or contact data that you provided to Redbox on a daily basis to see if your machine was approved.  Reports state that approved machines can be available in as little as one week.



  1. Look to start a radbox

  2. I am requestion a application form to apply for a red box machine.

  3. I meant requesting a app. for the redbox machine.

  4. I want to buy a redbox kiosk do I have to have a store front

  5. Where do I need to start I have a place to put a Redbox like to get started ASAP.

  6. We have 2 convenience stores in a small town Hulbert , Okla. 74441 , lots of inquiries about a redbox . Telephone number is 918-207-9264

  7. I just bought a DVD Now RedBox Touchscreen Vending Machine 600 DVD Disk holder. I wanted to know if I can get DVD’s sent to my redbox? My redbox I got from And it will be here by the 10th, And I just wanted to know how do I fill it with movies? is there a way to connect my redbox with other public redboxes?

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