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Redbox launches referral program through Performics, now known as Impact Radius

Well, for all those folks waiting to get a Redbox machine outside of their store, please follow the application process listed at the link above.

And for those who run websites, Redbox has just launched an affiliate program, paying people who are approved a flat fee of $0.25 for each applicable order that a visitor completes within one day of being referred through one of your affiliate links.

After reading the press releases about the event, this reporter applied to the Redbox affiliate program via their link on, and it sent me to an Impact Radius screen that allowed me the options of signing into my existing account or setting up a new one.

I signed into my existing account — thank God I had one and for remembering the password! — and I accepted the long list of terms set forth by Redbox, including the following, plus many more that you’ll see when you apply:

Online Rental
You earn $0.25 (Flat Fee per order)

Performance Bonus

Click Referral Period
Visitor must purchase within 1 days of referral

Action Locking
All actions happening in a given month are locked 15 days after the end of the month

Payout Scheduling
Approved Transactions are paid 30 days after they are approved

Recurring Transactions
For return consumers payouts apply to 0 recurrences

Media Partner Tracking Pixel
Advertiser does NOT allow media partner to fire their tracking pixel when the consumer action is completed.

I hope I get accepted to Redbox’s affiliate program

So all the movies that I watch and write about can gain me plenty of quarters upon quarters (which can really add up) in the long and short run, if enough people reserve Redbox movies through my affiliate links.

Impact Radius’ referral program wasn’t as intuitive as some of the others I use, like Amazon Associates, but once I figured out that my Redbox application was under their “Proposals” section — and that my act of accepting their terms way at the bottom of the pop-up text that showed the previous text and much more, I realized that’s why I couldn’t find “Redbox” under the Marketplace tabs of Campaign, Media Place and Agency Marketplace when I searched.

I’m glad when big, successful companies like Redbox open referral programs, appreciating the fact that those of us out here writing and bringing them customers are a profitable part of their business, and reward us accordingly.

Now — will they open a referral program for every cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee sold through their new coffee machines?

That could be cool. Or hot, actually.

I’ve got my routing bank account numbers all in my Impact Radius account and am ready to go!

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