People discuss not getting a call back from RedBox, or not having enough customers, or owning a business – but want their Redbox machines at apartment complexes or at 7-11 businesses they don’t own

I like to follow the comments that people continually write each day on this and other sites about Redbox ownership.

Hopefully most people follow the instructions written about under the “How to Get Your Redbox at Your Own Business outlined above.

It seems some do not, because they continue to leave comments about how to get a Redbox machine.

Contacting Redbox directly should hopefully answer many of the specific questions people are asking about getting their own DVD kiosk machines, especially in light of the Netflix increase in charges.

People want to know if they can get a Redbox machine in their small towns or at their apartment complexes or at places of business that they don’t own, like the local 7-11 or whatever — a place that they don’t manage, but one whereby the manager or business owner may be okay with letting them run the machine.

I don’t know if Redbox would go for that kind of arrangement — but who knows? It can’t hurt to contact them directly and ask.

One guy wrote that he did contact Redbox by phone and never got a call back — so I would suggest contacting by phone and via the email address provided in the link above.

Again, let us know what your experience is in trying to get a Redbox machine.

Some people think — like I initially did — that it’s an independent machine or franchise that you can buy or rent or maintain on your own — but from all indications of what I’ve read, you need an attached business with a significant amount of foot traffic.

Redbox’s own site used to say at least 15,000 customers per week — and an anonymous commenter pegged that number at 50,000 customers, so I don’t know if it’s growing and changing.

You have to actually go through the application process outlined by Redbox — use the link above to find it.

eHow comments about getting a Redbox

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