People discuss not getting a call back from RedBox, or not having enough customers, or owning a business – but want their Redbox machines at apartment complexes or at 7-11 businesses they don’t own

I like to follow the comments that people continually write each day on this and other sites about Redbox ownership. Hopefully most people follow the instructions written about under the “How to Get Your Redbox at Your Own Business outlined above. It seems some do not, because they continue to leave comments about how to get a Redbox machine. Contacting …

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Redbox video games: Redbox kiosks now have video games available

Redbox DVD kiosks now have video game rentals in some of their locations. The game rental price is reportedly $2 per night to rent the video games from a Redbox kiosk, which is higher than the initial $1 per night price of renting DVD movies from Redbox. Redbox Games gives you an idea of the games that are available for …

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