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Redbox DVD Kiosk Requirements

Redbox DVD kiosk requirements

Welcome to the website that’s all about how to own a Redbox kiosk machine. It’s not a franchise, but there is an application process that business owners can undertake to try and get a Redbox machine at their place of business. Find out how to apply for a Redbox machine here…   What are the requirements for business owners applying ... Read More »

Where Can You Find Redbox Franchise Opportunities

Redbox Franchise Opportunities

With the video store concept fading into a memory much like the typewriter, the opportunity for Redbox franchise opportunities would be a great way to monetize high-traffic locations.   Redbox video rentals are an excellent business model as the overhead and time to operate are very low. Plus, with over 30% of all DVD rentals taking place at a kiosk and ... Read More »

Where are all the Redbox machine owners?

I research from time to time many terms like “Redbox franchise” and “I own a Redbox” and “my Redbox machine” and “I got a Redbox” in order to try and turn up the owners who’ve already been through the application process for a Redbox DVD kiosk machine and have been approved — or even those who’ve been denied — in ... Read More »

Financing a Redbox Franchise

Financing a Redbox Franchise

Getting funding to start a business is difficult and financing a Redbox franchise or other DVD kiosk rental company is no different. When looking for financing, a bank is primarily concerned with your credit score and collateral.  The credit score should be in the 650 range.  Collateral is the assets both through the business and personally that the bank would ... Read More »

My conversation with Redbox Customer Service about the cost of a Redbox machine

Once you visit in order to find out more information about getting a Redbox machine, here’s the information I received — which doesn’t include any pricing information, because I believe it varies from store to store: Redbox Customer Service: Hi my name is Redbox Customer Service, please give me one moment while I review your question. Redbox Customer Service: Thank you ... Read More »

Redbox is kicking Netflix’s butt, says CNN

There’s an interesting new piece making the rounds from CNN into Twitter-land and beyond. “Coinstar is kicking Netflix’s butt,” is the title of the CNN article describing how the innovation of Redbox-owner Coinstar is causing the company to surge beyond its competitors, especially in the wake of the news that Seattle’s Best Coffee machines will be meting out coffee from ... Read More »

Coffee kiosks from Coinstar: More than 500 kiosks expected in 2012

Coffee kiosks are the hot new thing in automated retail Coinstar, owner of the uber-popular RedBox DVD machines that prompt many inquiries each day from customers hoping to get their own kiosks outside their own businesses, is taking a serious leap into the coffee kiosk business. The Seattle’s Best Coffee brand already enjoys more than 50 of the strikingly new ... Read More »

Redbox’s $100 million purchase of Blockbuster Express DVD machines — Will it hurt or help new Redbox business owner wannabes?

Now that RedBox’s video kiosk system is expanding even more after buying Blockbuster’s kiosk service called Blockbuster Express, for $100 million, which was sold to Redbox owner Coinstar, does this provide more or less opportunities for independent business owners to receive their own Redbox machines at their locations? If you’ve recently applied to receive a Redbox DVD machine at your ... Read More »

Redbox machines at more than 3,700 Walmart stores

Redbox will continue to keep their DVD machines in nearly 4,000 Walmart locations across the United States, says a recent report: Redbox Automated Retail, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coinstar announced a renewal agreement with Walmart to continue featuring Redbox® kiosks at more than 3,700 Walmart locations nationwide. The agreement extends the availability of Redbox kiosks and builds upon the ... Read More »

Menchie’s Franchise Cost

If you’ve ever had Menchie’s frozen yogurt, you’ve had a treat. And the “froyo” shop is growing and expanding into various cities across the nation, so it’s no wonder hundreds of people Google “Menchie’s franchise cost” each month in hopes of buying their very own store. I love my local Ohio Menchie’s store — it’s a bustling and positive place, ... Read More »