Where Can You Find Redbox Franchise Opportunities

Redbox Franchise Opportunities

With the video store concept fading into a memory much like the typewriter, the opportunity for Redbox franchise opportunities would be a great way to monetize high-traffic locations.   Redbox video rentals are an excellent business model as the overhead and time to operate are very low. Plus, with over 30% of all DVD rentals taking place at a kiosk and ... Read More »

Redbox Franchise Profits – Do They Make Any Money?

Redbox Franchise Profits

There are still many spots that would be great to have a Redbox franchise machine, but how do you get one?  While there is not a Redbox franchise profit since the company does not franchise their machine, perhaps there is a way to profit from the DVD kiosks.  While there are not official industry figures as to how much an ... Read More »

RedBox owner: There are 33,3000 RedBox DVD kiosks, and the CoinStar business is still strong…

I just read the most interesting article about RedBox ownership and how RedBox is bringing in over 80% of CoinStar’s revenue. There are currently 33,300 Redbox DVD kiosks around the nation, and the RedBox business is still a viable strong option for people looking for franchising information. Check out the link above titled “How to Own a RedBox Machine for ... Read More »